Professional Orthodontics Services for Mulgrave

Also Serving Dandenong

Orthodontics in south eastern Melbourne


At DI Dental Implant Centre, we aim to prevent and treat problems relating to the relationship between the jaws and alignment of teeth through thorough diagnosis and current evidence-based treatment options.
A young patient of one of our orthodontists in Dandenong
In order for the health of our mouth to be sustained and deliver optimal function over time, we place a very large focus in diagnosing, preventing and treating orthodontic cases.

Orthodontics also allows you to achieve a beautiful and well-aligned smile. It can also aid in addressing any aesthetic/cosmetic issues you may have.

Modern treatment modalities provide great treatment options including braces, functional appliances and invisible orthodontic aligners.


Orthodontics in Melbourne is no longer just for teenagers. Straight teeth and aligned jaws can be repaired at any stage of life. Our clinicians at DI Dental Implant Centre firmly believe in early assessment and intervention where required, along with providing a number of treatment options for you or your child.
adult with braces
Your orthodontic assessment can be made at your next check-up, at which time we will discuss whether orthodontic management is required.

From this stage, we will complete further orthodontic assessments to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

In order to provide you with comprehensive care and to accurately diagnose the cause of your condition whether it be breathing, nasal or structural issues, we liaise with many other dental and health professionals that will contribute to your overall management. 
These health professionals include
  • General medical practitioners
  • Ear, nose and throat medical specialists
  • Respiratory physicians
  • Sleep medicine physicians
This will determine the most effective treatment to suit you, whether it be clear aligners, functional appliances or braces.

We are able to design and mill crowns on-site.


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