Root canal treatments in south eastern Melbourne


Within your tooth lies the dental pulp/nerve. This nerve is important for sensations such as those experienced when eating hot or cold foods. When decay gets too deep or you sustain an injury to your tooth, a bacterial infection could occur in the pulp. Treatment for this condition is known as root canal treatment. The aim is to save your tooth from extraction.
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An infected tooth will not always cause pain initially so you may be unaware of the problem. As the infection develops, so does the severity of the pain.

Some symptoms to indicate an infected tooth are
  • A tooth with severe sensitivity when you bite your teeth together
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold that lasts for longer than a few seconds
  • Swelling of your face or gum near the infected tooth
  • A tooth that is changing colour and becoming grey or black
  • A tooth with deep decay
  • A fracture in the tooth
Our dental clinic provides root canal treatment using specialized rotary instruments, ensuring your treatment is performed faster, smoother and with more comfort for you.

The longer you delay your root canal procedure, the more severe the pain and extensive the infection can become. This can cause irreversible bone and gum damage and there may be no alternative other than to extract a tooth that could have been saved.

The sooner root canal treatment is performed, the easier and more successful the procedure. If you have sustained an injury to your tooth, you should have it examined sooner rather than later.

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